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Our passion

Why we do what we do

As watch lovers, we wanted to create something that we would wear every day, no matter what we were wearing, where we were going, or how we were feeling. To do it, we needed a designer watch that was simplistic, functional, and unique. We're Copenhageners after all - so nothing trendy or overstated. Let's stick to our roots.

We want the watch owner to feel a special bond with their watch - connected, but not overcomplicated. Picture the person you never want to be without. That’s the kind of watch we want.

Guided by traditional Scandinavian design, a love for watches, and a desire to completely change the way we look at them, we thought that it was about time (sorry) to get making.

When your design is just right, where it is the simplest expression of an idea

the designer

Jakob Wagner

Designing something incredible takes pure talent, and a huge amount of knowledge. Jakob Wagner knows.

Inside Denmark, he’s designed products for Bang & Olufsen, Muuto, Stelton, and Ro. Outside Denmark, he’s worked with Alessi, B & B Italia, Cappellini, Moroso, and Fornasarig. His work ranges from home accessories, furniture, to speakers, headphones, diving computers (a what?), and a firefighter breathing apparatus (yeah, we’d wear it).

Jakob is a curious guy. He likes to explore user behaviour. Interaction - is of course, everything. Jakob likes to look at everything when he designs a product. He puts it much better than us, ""when your design is just right, where it is the simplest expression of an idea, where nothing can be added, nor taken away, then it attains integrity. When this happens, individuals and objects form a special relationship, with us becoming happier every time we use it”.

Poetry to your ears, right? He sounds like the guy you want designing your watches.

  1. Real Italian Leather
  2. Japanese Quartz Movement
  3. Water Resistant up to 3 ATM
  4. Interchangeable Straps
  5. 316L Stainless Steel
True Scandinavian lifestyle & design, made accessible